What We Do

We are a family business buying and selling a wide range of goods. We specialize in classic agricultural equipment, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and machinery of all kinds. In addition we trade in modern vehicles, architectural salvage, antiques, books and small items.

Heritage and History

Heritage and History

Home Farm' is now known as 'Ellis Hill Farm'. Keith and Audrey have restored and built barns, and keep both rare breeds of farm animalsold agricultural vehiclesMarshall-Era tractors and commercial vehicles.
Their Farm Shop and Tea Room is worth a visit as well as being a welcome stop on a walk through the Coombes. Watch out for regular Farmers' Markets and the Christmas Market - access by car is from Mole Road, via Gravel-pit Hill Lane.
Ellis Hill Farm House plus Trojan van advertising the farm

Old Farm Machinery
A Marshall Stationary Steam Engine has been restored to working order, and is usually 'in steam' on Boxing Day and during the regular Farmers' Markets, sometimes driving the threshing machine seen on the right. The miniature traction engine may also be seen.
The wooden van was once used by road-mending gangs. The second Stationary Steam Engine is still under restoration. Behind it is a Showman's caravan.
The Stationary Steam Engine 'in steam' on 8th March 2008The steam engine driving a threshing machine by a pulley, 7th June 2007
A Stationary Steam Engine under restoration 
Marshall Era
The 'Marshall Era' (not to be confused with the 19th-Century manufacturer of farm machinery) covered the late 1940's when Agricultural machinery was provided under the 'Marshall Plan'. At this time, a company known as 'Minneapolis Moline' assembled tractors at Winnersh, at least one example of which is at Ellis Hill.
 A line-up of tractors, June 2007A Farmall tractor, facing the cafe and shop
Commercial Vehicles

A Foden 4-axle lorry, on May 6th 2006A Foden 4-axle lorry alongside an AEC Mammoth
Trojans have been associated with Ellis Hill Farm for many yearsTrojan pick-up, in the early stages of restoration
1920's lorry behind a 1950's Bedford vanFord Thames vans from the 1950's