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We are a family business buying and selling a wide range of goods. We specialize in classic agricultural equipment, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and machinery of all kinds. In addition we trade in modern vehicles, architectural salvage, antiques, books and small items.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Vintage Manuals Bus & Lorry For Sale

Vintage Manuals and Parts Books


Reliance Service  Manual  £25 

 Reliance Parts Book          £25

Regall  111 Spare Parts Book £25

Regal  111 Parts Book               £25

Regal 111 Service Manual        £25        

Reliance  Parts Book                   £25           

Various AEC Service notes/updates  £10

Reliance Brake Sercice Manual           £10

Regal Mk1  Spare Parts Book               £25

Regal Mk1 Service Book £10


Leyland B-C Comet Service Manual  £40

Leyland 0350 Engine Service Manual £ 20

Leyland 0370/0400 Engine Sertvice Manual £20

Trico Air Power Service Manual        £10

Perkins P6 Mk3n   Parts Book            £15

Perkins R6  Mk2  Workshop Manual £20

Ford Thames 1955 Semi FC models 4cyl ohv  Manual  £20

Guy Arab  Service Manual      £25

Dennis Lancet  (D3 Engine) Instruction /Service Book) Very Rare £45

Morris Minor MM & Series 2 Genuine Workshop Manual   £20

Albion 540 7 550 old photocopied manual £15

Many other manuals including large range of old Haynes books call or email with your requirements

Saturday 11 April 2015

Thames Books For Sale

River Thames Related Books For Sale

Books for Sale

Thames Related

Royal River Highway by Frank L Dix good condition  hardback £30-00
A comprehensive history of River Thames passenger boats and operators up to 1986 (two copies available)

Country Life Picture Book of the Thames 1963 hardback with jacket cover good condition, several good pictures of passenger boats and a lot of historic scenes of the river £10-00

Country Life Picture Book of the Thames 1982 edition by Gordon Winter good condition several good pictures of boats and a lot of River scenes  £10-00

Along The Thames by Brian Eade a really nice soft back book with lots of pictures of steamers and the river compiled by this well-known former lock keeper, as new condition £7-00

Down The Thames a collection of Frith  photos of the river by Martin Andrew in as new condition for £4-50

The Book of The Thames by Alan Jenkins good condition soft back £6-00

The Thames by Paul Atterbury photographic softback book good condition

Victorians on the Thames  softback book 1974 reprinted 1994 by R R Bolland former employee of the Thames Conservancy a good historical record with lots of pictures and drawings  £8-00

The Thames from Source to Tideway by Peter H Chaplin 1982 softback edition good condition now long out of print with quite a bit about passenger steamers and other commercial activity on the river £15-00

Thames Passport a short hardback guide to the non-tidal river in as new condition  £6-00

Salters Guides to the Thames
25 copies of this definitive guide to the Thames originally sold on board the boats on the Oxford to Kingston route. Earliest on offer 33rd edition right up to the last one is printed.  Pre-1950 editions £12.50 each later editions £10 each

The Thames Valley in pictures by Thames Valley Art productions (Salters) again sold on the boats a collection of photographs also available as postcards each book contains 75 views with a map £5-00

The Thames from Putney to Cricklade two editions of Ward Lock’s well-known red guidebooks £5-00 each

Time On The Thames  - by Eric de Mare well known hard back book published 1952, 1st edition, 235 pages numerous good illustrations, long out of print  £15-00

Pleasures of London's River  SB Guide Book well illustrated 1950s/60s sold on the boats good condition £10 - 00

All books can be sent by post well wrapped an extra cost this normally ranges from £2-£5 depending on size and number of purchases.